How will I be contacted?

We’re flexible! However you feel most comfortable communicating with us, we can accommodate. So make sure during your checkout you specify your medium. Whether it be via cell, email, or our website chat.

Where will we meet?

We would like to meet at a location in D.C., we can come to your house or if you are on the move like a lot of our clients, we can meet at a metro station.

What time are you open? After hours?

We are open 11am-10pm on weekdays and noon-midnight on weekends! You can reach out after hours via the website if you're in a pinch but it's unlikely we'll be available (though not impossible).

How do I guarantee my appointment slot or meeting time frame?

When an order is made you'll be contacted to schedule your delivery; if you have special requirements for the delivery time you can text us ahead of time at 1 (202) 599-4874.

Can I schedule an order, and pay with cash

Absolutely, provided you give us accurate contact information, we'll be happy to service cash-paying customers.

Can drivers accept cash tips?

Yep! Feel free to leave a tip when ordering or to give a cash tip–though you certainly don't have to.