How will I be contacted?

We’re flexible! However you feel most comfortable communicating with us, we can accommodate. So make sure during your checkout you specify your medium. Whether it be via cell, email, or our website chat.

Where will we meet?

We would like to meet at a location in D.C., we can come to your house or if you are on the move like a lot of our clients, we can meet at a metro station.

What time are you open? After hours?

We are open at 11 AM and close at 2am. If you order after 2am, we'll contact you the next morning.

How do I guarantee my appointment slot or meeting time frame?

As of now, we're manually scheduling delivery times. So talk to us through our live-chat box, and let us know when and where you'd like your order delivered.

Can I schedule an order, and pay with cash

Absolutely, provided you give us accurate contact information, we'll be happy to service cash-paying customers.

Can drivers accept cash tips?

No. For safety and security purposes, all DC Club contracted drivers are instructed not to take cash tips or carry cash with them on deliveries. If you wish to tip a driver, please add it while you make your orders on DC Club. All tips are collected and distributed evenly to drivers and support staff for their respective shifts.